Early Sessions
rerelease of English recordings from 1956
with Derroll Adams

Tradition (Rykodisc)

1. More Pretty Girls Than One (Traditional) - 2:00
2. Roll on Buddy (Traditional) - 2:30
3. Death of John Henry (Traditional) - 2:29
4. Salty Dog Blues (Traditional) - 2:47
5. Talking Blues (Traditional) - 2:32
6. I'm Gonna Walk the Streets in Glory (Traditional) - 1:46
7. Cigarettes & Whiskey (Traditional) - 2:00
8. Danville Girl (Traditional) - 2:44
9. Worried Man Blues (A.P. Carter) - 3:31
10. San Francisco Bay Blues (J. Fuller) - 1:56
11. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (Traditional) - 2:31
12. I'm Going Down the Road (Traditional, adapted & arr. by W. Guthrie & L. Hayes) - 2:03

This cd culls material from an old two lp set titled America on the Joker label, previously released in Europe as two separate records, Riding In Folkland and Folkland Songs. The complete session, 28 songs, has only been found on a Czechoslovakian double disc set — Selections of America (Promo Sound AG/DCD-768) circa 1996. SAAR Records also has released this material their budget labels Gold Sound and Cameo.

Rykodisc was kind enough to not only phone Jack but also offer to cut him royalties on any sales of this release. This was mightily appreciated, as no company proliferating these 50's recordings has ever gotten any money whatsoever to Jack before. That said, the worth of these recordings is undeniable. The surprisingly exhilarated duo rips enjoyably through the European skiffle which preceded them, cutting a swath of Americana right into the heart of England.

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