The Long Ride


1. Connection (Jagger/Richards) - 3:07
2. Cup Of Coffee with Tom Russell (Elliott) - 6:14
3. Ranger's Command (Guthrie) - 3:29
4. Pony (Brennan/Waits) - 3:22
5. St. James Infirmary with Dave Van Ronk (Public Domain) - 3:19
6. Picture From Life's Other Side with Maria Muldaur (Public Domain) - 5:02
7. East Virginia Blues with Dave Alvin (Public Domain) - 3:58
8. The Sky Above And The Mud Below with Tom Russell (Russell) - 6:13
9. Take Me Back And Try Me One More Time with Tom R. (Tubb) - 3:25
10. Now He's Just Dust In The Wind (Elliott/Rogers) - 4:32
11. True Blue Jeans (Elliott/Rogers) - 2:30
12. Diamond Joe (Public Domain) - 3:16
13. With God On Our Side (Dylan) - 7:30

The Long Ride's arrangements hold your interest without including the overthrows perhaps inherent to a star-studded detour like Friends of Mine. A couple of the polished instrumental overdubs may taste like a bit much icing, but just hardly.

Jack takes "Pony" out west, giving it a home more secure than Tom's grinding dirge rendition. The life spilling from Jack's guitar similarly enlivens Woody's obtuse anthem for working women, "Ranger's Command," and he sure doesn't hurt "Picture From Life's Other Side." Woody's weird mix had pumped a pipe organ and corralled something like a bullfrog for bass.

Inspect reviews, herded in from all over.