I first met Jesse Fuller back in 1954 when he was a guest unexpectedly at a blues concert over in Oakland. Pete Seeger told me to go over there to hear someone named K.C. Douglas, and K.C. Douglas was real fine but it was my great surprise and delight to meet and hear Jesse Fuller, a one man band. We became friends after that, and I so fell in live with [his song, The San Francisco Bay Blues,] I went over and sang it in England and all around Europe for about six years. They invited Jesse over; I got to tour England with Jesse and carry his footdella across those one-way, left-handed streets.

Jack Elliott, live San Francisco 9.20.98

I recently heard a record of...one of those English guys -- Eric Clapton. He did a record of [The San Francisco Bay Blues] that sounded very much like Jesse Fuller, but he hired six musicians. Jesse only had just two hands, two feet, and one mouth.

Cat was a one man band, called himself "The Lone Cat." He was never alone. He was surrounded by instruments. Travelled around in a Nash Rambler, with a 12 string guitar, harmonica, kazoo, footdella, 12 gauge shotgun, and a sleeping bag.

Jack Elliott, live San Francisco 1.9.99