The greatest living songwriter.

Bob Dylan on Tim Hardin

I'm a better singer than Ray Charles, and Ray Charles told me so.

Tim Hardin (who was also Beethoven reincarnated, again according to him)

I remember Tim Hardin driving a car, fast, through the hills of Hollywood. I remember Tim Hardin in New Mexico, sittin' astride a quarter horse, lookin' like a bull dogger, ready to dog. I remember Tim Hardin.

Jack Elliott, introduction to "If I Were A Carpenter" from his Grammy winning South Coast lp, 1995

Ramblin Jack Elliot inspired this version of "If I Was a Carpenter." June and I always liked the way Jack did it. As it turned out, June and I really felt the song and feel like it became our arrangement.

Johnny Cash, who gained a Grammy singing Hardin's composition "If I Were A Carpenter" on his Hello, I'm Johnny Cash lp, 1970