All the best Jack Elliott anecdotes were told to me by John Prine. Ask him the one about the camera or the Kris Kristofferson live radio broadcast. I'm collecting my own stories now through personal experience but, here, I'd just like to say: As far as I can see, Ramblin' Jack is the nearest thing to the ideal of the folksinger. That's why everyone thinks he's cool; everyone from Bob Dylan to my dog. And anybody who needs my endorsement on a Ramblin' Jack album is either very young or barking up the wrong tree, like my dog. Jack's it. That's that.

John Wesley Harding

A number of [John Wesley Harding's] influential peers and heroes recognized the quality of his live work and have surprised Wes (as well as his audiences) by joining him at his shows: John Prine in Nashville; Joan Baez in San Francisco; Iggy Pop in Boston; Lou Reed in New York; and Ramblin' Jack Elliott in Denver.

as taken from this press release, Copyright (c) 1996 Rose Ellen Auerbach/Sometime Yesterday Productions