Jack was an early flat-pickin' idol of mine. I used to go see him play in NYC quite a bit. When I got with Dylan, I was introduced to him on an even keel, and we became friends. The best was, when he stayed at my home in Atlanta for a weekend in the early 70's and regaled us with stories of the old days in between jammin with the doc. He was a gracious guest and I still play all his old records and marvel at the pickin'. Ramblin Jack Adnopoz (a tribe member by the way) was born in Brooklyn and knows a thing or two about a bagel.

Al Kooper, once founder and leader of the Blues Project and Blood, Sweat & Tears, co-wrote "This Diamond Ring," played organ on "Like A Rolling Stone," signed the Zombies, and discovered and produced Lynyrd Skynyrd