Journalist, singer, and guitarist Peter Laughner was a founder of Pere Ubu and leader of Rocket from the Tombs, both considered prophetic when people go about bottling those "roots of punk" compendiums. Call it what you will, Jack was amongst his influences as Peter often sketched full blooded interpretations of classics from Robert Johnson to Bob Dylan.

Though Lou Reed was his major influence (particularly as a vocalist), Laughner's work can scarcely be narrowcast as simply tributary. The posthumous album [Peter Laughner on Koolie] (gleaned from demos and a brace of live shows) reveals a folkier side; nods to Ramblin' Jack Elliott (on "Rag Baby")...don't obscure the true, life-affirming essence of an original.

David Sprague, Trouser Press Guide to '90s Rock.

Who needed the promise of college and career? Lou Reed was my Woody Guthrie, and with enough amphetamine I would be the new Lou Reed!

Peter Laughner, Creem, 3/76.