"Okay, lads? Okay, so this next song was, eh... The record I had was by Ramblin' Jack Elliott, son of TS. Goes like this..."

Paul McCartney singing the San Francisco Bay Blues. Recorded live at the Limehouse Television Studios, London for MTV's 'Unplugged,' 01.25.91.

"I'm trying to write my memoirs but I can't remember when anything happened. It's all one big blur."
Jack starts to play a very quiet guitar.
Rosalie Sorrels shouts from the audience, "PLUG IT IN, SWEETIE."
"Oh, I forgot the electricity.

"What was it Paul McCartney said? He said he learned the San Francisco Bay Blues off of my early English recording, and I know he did too because he sang it with all the same mistakes that I did. I was still just barely learning the song then. I learned it in '54 and I recorded it in England in 1955. It took me several years to get it right.

"I went to see him near Denver but we couldn't get in backstage. They had a lot of security. We waited for an hour behind my friend's truck, chewed some tobacco, went down to talk to the security about it. They said,

'Paul's doing a sound check.'

Well I could hear him doing the sound check, you could hear it all over Boulder, Colorado. I never did get to meet him, to thank him, but I'd like to thank Paul wherever you are. I'm gonna plug in now."

Jack Elliott, live San Francisco 01.09.99