Tim Hardin, Phil Ochs, and Jack at the Newport Folk Festival, 1966.

Jack Elliott was brought in to play guitar on "Joe Hill," a song Phil had written to the same folk melody Woody Guthrie used for "Tom Joad." Marks remembers Elliott coming into the studio and immediately demanding something to drink. Keeping him sober long enough to finish the song was Marks' responsibility.

Death of a Rebel by Marc Eliot. Garden City, N.Y. : Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1979. p. 158

Ramblin' Jack: Phil wore an overcoat, carried the New York Times under his arm, always very serious. We got together to breastfeed our babies, which was mostly done by the mothers while we strummed guitar.

Jukebaby: MOSTLY done by the mothers? You guys didn't try it, did you? Just teasing.

Ramblin' Jack: I think, if we coulda got a capo, we would have gave it a try.

Online Interview between Jack & "Jukebaby," Oct. 2, 1997