Well, I guess this is an evening of solemn declaration for me. I have known Jack Elliott for a long time. Now I call myself an anarchist, and I'd like to think I understand what that means. But, every now and then you are brought up short in front of one who is but doesn't know it, just organic anarchist -- doesn't have a bank account, doesn't have a credit card, a telephone, no interest, no credit -- none of the paraphernalia, the trappings, of this culture.

Jack Elliott might be my Zen master, which I'm willing to solemnly declare as far as that goes. Sometimes your Zen Master can be a terrible chore. Oh well, that goes with the territory.

U. Utah Phillips

Jack and Utah can be heard, as well as the above quote, captured in concert at Minnesota's World Theater -- "Legends of Folk" on Red House Records. As for returned compliments, Jack wrote the liner notes to Utah's 1997 story spun assortment, "Loafer's Glory."

Utah Phillips restores my faith in nature, if not railroads. He makes me think with a touch of regret, that I didn't hop a few more freights...a rich experience which has given him a wealth of songs and stories about a disappearing American, bigger than life, richer than money, poorer than strife, duller than fog, sharper than a knife, better than insurance, harder than water, softer than steel, older than coal, clearer than my mind, dirtier than the New Jersy sky.

Jack Elliott