"In the '70s I was on the 'Rolling Thunder Revue' tour with Bob Dylan," said Elliott.  "After a show in Massachusetts, a young fellow came into my dressing room and asked for an autograph.  I said, 'What's your name son, I'll personalize the autograph for you,' and he said 'Bruce.'  I said 'Bruce what?' and he said 'Springsteen' and I said, 'How do you spell that?'  He told me that he played guitar and I said, 'Well good luck to you.'   He was about 20 years old then and very shy.  Two years ago, I played with Bruce at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame for a 'Tribute To Woody Guthrie' and he asked if I remembered the first time we'd met.  Of course I did."

Jack Elliott. Interview with Tom Lounges. "Folk Music Icon Remembers Some 'Firsts'" Midwest Beat Magazine, December 2000.

Springsteen's voice may be best heard on his Nebraska lp. It arcs up into a very Jack-like blue yodel pitch near the end of State Trooper there. Both Jack and Bruce pay tribute to Woody Guthrie on the "Til We Outnumber Em" release.