When Rod Stewart was the rock critic's darling, his voice more an issue than his bedmates, he confessed to a reporter that he wouldn't be nervious meeting Dylan but would be awestruck in Elliott's prescence.

Randy Sue Coburn "On the Trail of Ramblin' Jack Elliott" Esquire, April 1984. p 85.

Once I met Rod Stewart and he invited me out to his gorgeous beach house in Malibu. We got a couple of guitars and a couple of beers and he played me about 10 songs he'd memorized as a kid from my early records. I was bowled over and honored and embarrassed. It was also kind of funny, 'cause he was imitating me at an earlier age and he was copying all of my mistakes and all the dumb stuff.

Jack Elliott interview by Bruce Sylvester in Goldmine. July 4, 2020