Ramblin' Jack Back from Newport and Has A Birthday!

He's back after a most successful trip to Newport Folk Festival where he performed w/ Beck and got huge media attention!  Now time to rest before his tour of Colorado at the end of this month with Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally.  Happy Birthday Jack!!!! :)

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Jack and Beck at Newport:  


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One of the true greats, 82-year old folk legend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott played the most heart-wrenchingly wonderful sets of the entire weekend. True to his name, he told a lot of stories while up on the Fort Stage, ranging from the ol’ “me and Woody Guthrie had an argument in a van” tales to the “I was at a Belgian cowboy rodeo that I got to via Vespa” anecdotes.

He opened with “The Cuckoo,” and his simplistic, soulful style was worth the price of admission, but it was really all about his stories of Newport history. He played what he called his favorite Woody Guthrie song, “Talkin’ Sailor,” and I admittedly teared up a little when he went into “Diamond Joe.”

 The Boston Globe __

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, turns 82 this week. He was likely the only artist at Newport this weekend who could tell stories about his adventures with Woody Guthrie….As Sunday’s headliner, Beck had obviously considered Newport’s legacy and played a special set indebted to the surroundings. He embraced his inner folkie, revamping some of his songs with rootsy arrangements, dedicating a Jimmie Rodgers song to Ramblin’ Jack, whom he called “a big influence,” the man himself sauntered out on stage and took Beck by surprise. “Oh! Hello, sir,” Beck said, as the two then swapped verses.