Album Cover
The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbour 1957
Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Released: Oct 26, 57
Label: HighTone
Track Listing
1 Intro
2 Hard Travlin'
3 Big Rock Candy Mountain
4 Old Rattler
5 Talking Columbia Blues
6 Street Of Laredo
7 Jack Of Diamonds
8 Rusty Jiggs & Sandy Sam
9 Tom Joad
10 Acres Of Clams
11 Freight Train
12 Chisolm Trail
13 Crawdad Song
14 Black Girl (Aka In The Pines)
15 Tom Dooley
16 Rocky Mountain Belle

Liner Notes

Some of the earliest Ramblin' Jack recordings available made available in 2004. Recorded by a young Jack Elliott in 1957 in England aboard a yacht at Cowes Harbour on the Isle of Wight. Some of these songs were released on the Topics label under the title JACK TAKES THE FLOOR. These tapes were recently found  stashed in a box in the British Library.
His playing, personna and repetoire of this early period brought to England and Europe the raw, earthy sound of true American folk, blues and western music. At this time Jack was inspired by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Reverend Gary Davis and Jimmie Rodgers. He deeply influenced later emerging British performers, from Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney to Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart. The companion cd is entitled "The Lost Topic Tapes: Isle of Wight 1957".